About Tokoin
The temple had been opened by a priest Asyaku on 810, located in the place where it is just 5 minutes walk from Sado Toki Center. Toki, the last original Nipponia Nippon was annihilated October 10, 2003 on unfortunately, and based on its reconsideration, here in Sado island, we are trying to create good nature environment for them aiming to "Return to Nature".
Interesting cultural properties
Pair Dainichi Nyorai

The principal statue, pair golden Dainichi-Nyorai,Vairocana Buddha is enshrined in the main temple. The right Nyorai is Kongokai, the left one is Taizokai. Those two Nyorai were compared like so-called men and women (Kongokai=men, Taizokai=women) and those were probably made on Edo era.
Neou Daigongen and its effect
The effects of this shrine are, descendant prosperity and marriage proposal, easy delivery because of enshrined outstanding fate of god, that is, huge sized over 3,000kg weight of pine wooden "Dankon", the symbol of men. In addition, about 500 piece of paulownia wooden little Dankons are enshrined from Edo era.
Big Jizou-bosatsu for petition
This Jizou-bosatsu is standing in front of the main gate, and only one hope will be realized in the human life.

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