About Gyokurinji and Bell

This temple was established on 1485. The principle Buddha is Dainichi-Nyorai and Monju-bosatsu, the Buddha of study and wisdom, is sitting on the lion just under the Dainichi-Nyorai. This temple is also belonging to “Chizan” faction and very famous of its superb “Bell pavilion” architecture. However, the main bell had to be submitted to Japanese government during the 2nd world war for the material of weapon, therefore, currently the other bell which was made on 1986, is hanging in the pavilion. Now, melodious bell sound always echoes in the New Year’s Eve within the Sado island. Whoever interested in New Years Ceremonies, or applicant whoever want to pass the test, why don’t you drop in Gyokurinji during Japanese New year holiday?

About Monju Bosatu

Monju Bosatsu, sometimes called Manjusri in India, is usually consisted “Shaka Three” (Syakasanzon) with Shaka Nyorai and his brother, Hugen-Bosatsu. He is helping studies and giving wisdom, and riding on the king of the various kind of the beast, lion. He is having sword of wisdom with his right hand, and sutra on his left hand. Monju was an Indian monk, born after the death of Shaka, and finally reached to the status of Bodhisattva through his serious ascetic studies.

About Gyokurinji and Bell

Name: Gyokurinji, Nos.82
Address: Hatanokou 203, Sado-city, Niigata-pref.
Access: 27 min from Ryotsu port to Hatano-gakko-mae by bus. About 300m walking for Hatano Elementary school direction.

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