On 1181, Priest Mongaku, who had been exiled due to rebel crime, had opened this temple and he had been in this temple for 3 years and 9 months for severe training.

Priest Mongaku was originally a warrior, and he loved a girl, though she was married to another man. Therefore, he tried to kill her husband but he killed her for mistake. Then, he realized the depth of the crime, and became a priest.

Sightseeing spot.Nabekura waterfall (training spot)
Priest Mongaku was training in the waterfall every day even the cold day in winter. You can see a Bonji trace on the stone just under the waterfall.

Mangaku pew stone
Priest Mongaku was sometimes considering the better world by sitting on the stone.

The principal enshrined sculpture of this temple, the god of fire, saving from difficulties.
He has perfect wisdom containing the deepest mercy and all other superior virtues, and for the salvation of all human beings. The black-colored fat style servant who spares no pains night and day.
--Nohmac sammandah bazaara dangkang?(meaning, I sincerely believe in Fudomyooh)

Address: 90 Okubo Sado-city
Parking space for 4 cars
Bus service: 2km walk from Ushiroyama Sakaue bus stop by Minami line
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