Sado Shogakubo
正覚坊縁起 境内のみどころ 参拝の御案内

Shogakubo History

Shogakubo had been established as one of the 12 temples of Yakushi, what we called “Yakushi-12-bo” because Yakushi Nyorai had flown to the Kinpoku Mountain from Koya-san on the ancient day, Heian era. Unfortunately, all these 12 temples had to be abolished / closed due to the Meiji Restoration, but this temple restored firstly based on the effort of local parishioners. Only 5 temples were able to recover, the main sculpture Yakushi Nyorai of Enpuku temple, which was closed and never recovered, had been transferred to this temple.
Nioumon gate

Very rare Nioumon gate because of enshrined sculptures in the gate, those are not Niou, but 4 great men. The right side is Jikoku Ten, who protect East side, and the left is Koumoku Ten, who protect West side and punish villains.
Dainichi Nyorai

This handsome Nyorai is main sculpture of this temple.
Jizo-do and Side facing Jizo
This colored beautiful Jizo is always facing to Kinpoku Mountain, so it is assumed that we are able to worship Kinpoku Mountain simultaneously whenever we worship him. He corrects selfish mind of men, and is always able to realize good wish.

Relation to artist

The famous Japanese artist Bakusen Tsuchida had been in this temple as priestling, however he aspired to the way to the art, then went to Kyoto to study painting. He aimed to establish / create new style Japanese art so-called impressionist paintings space technique with geometrical composition of western painting. Many of his artworks are exhibited in Ohara Museum of Art in Tokyo. And also, his artwork is remaining in this temple as Shoji picture.
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